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Eco Roof

Photovoltaic systems up to 10 kw in houses

The Programme of Developing Photovoltaics is in force since September 2010 and concerns all the Greek territory. As maximum power for the mainland, the connected islands and Crete are 10 kW and for the rest of the not connected islands are 5 kW.

Conditions needed for residential consumers

  1. Having electric power meter in their name
  2. The building must be legal
  3. They must have full ownership or usufruct of the
  4. They must cover part of the hot water needs from Renewable Energy Sources

Conditions needed for very small enterprises

They must fulfill the conditions according to the paragraph 3 of article 2 of the of Recommendation Annex 2003/361/EU of the Commission of May 6th 2003:

  1. They must employee 10 employers in Annual Work Units
  2. The annual turnover or the annual balance sheet not to exceed 2 million euro

Contract with public power company

All the produced electric power is going to the mains of PPC and the producer is paid by PPC with 49,5 cents per Kwh (0,495 €/kwh).

The price is guaranteed for 25 years. The producers continues to buy electric power from PPC and pays it on today’s price (approx. 10-12 cents per kwh), while PPC installs a new meter that records the produced by the photovoltaic power.

For example, if during the two months the photovoltaic installation produces electrical power that values 300 € and consumes electrical power that values 100 €, a charge account of 200 € will be credit to the photovoltaic owner.

Price table of electrical power selling