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About our network

TERRA VERDE in the frame of permanent growth, creates collaborations with interested private individuals all over Greece that wishes to be included in the network of collaborators of a dynamic and rapidly developing company.

The proposal:

By entering the network of exclusive collaborators of TERRA VERDE you can begin immediately the operation of your own company. TERRA VERDE provides you with all the essential informative material that you need in order to begin your own company.

Also the company provides you with forms, booklets, prospectus, free registration in the company’s site and free information concerning the processes, the legislation and the way of approaching potential customers.

Profits of the collaboration:

  • You begin your own company without capital.
  • Acquire exclusivity in the Prefecture or the region you select to activate.
  • You’re being advertized free of charge through brochures and prospectus TERRA VERDE publishes and in which it presents its network.
  • You can present your company via the exhibitions in which TERRA VERDE participates with no costs for you.
  • Your payment is direct right after the customer pays off TERRA VERDE.
  • You have the possibility of offering variety of equipment and products in your customer because TERRA VERDE collaborates with the bigger suppliers around the world in photovoltaic equipment area.
  • Easy sale to the customer with competitive prices that TERRA VERDE ensures from its suppliers.
  • After Sales Service with the possibility of support and maintenance for 25 years
  • Completely organized service and installation by the specialized technical crew of TERRA VERDE